Hi, we are Aušra and Aleksandr,

For twelve years we have been traveling the paths of life and photography together. Our first steps in photography started from the day we met, from the moment we fell in love, from simple daily routines, warm evenings, sleepless nights and naked mornings - it started from us and everything that was most important and felt closest to us. This is why we see such beauty in loving relationship of a couple and in the most important celebration of it, the marriage.

In this celebration of love, emotion and truthfulness is what fascinates us most. That day people are very sincere, their feelings are most genuine, all masks get dropped, what remains are just two people, completely honest and absorbed in each other. This is infinitely beautiful. In our photographs we strive to tell a story which is deep, interesting and authentic. In the storyline we search for truthfulness, in environment - uniqueness, little bit of magic in lightning, and in addition to that - unexpected but beautiful moments.

If you like our work, please contact us, and together we will try to make a unique and beautiful story of your love.